4 Things to Know About Up and Coming Artist SNNYRAIN

4 Things to Know About Up and Coming Artist SNNYRAIN

Being passionate and gifted in music is something that always came naturally to Julianne Tanella, also known as SYNNYRAIN. Diving headfirst into her music career, Julianne Tanella is excited to be able to present her music to the public. However, as an up-and-coming artist, there is still much to be learned about SYNNYRAIN. With that in mind, here are 4 things to know about up-and-coming artist SNNYRAIN.

She’s Not New to This

One of the first things to know about Julianne Tanella is that she is hardly new to music. Quite the contrary, she has been singing for most of her life. She has been a member of various a cappella groups and ensembles. Moreover, she also managed to make her way onto the well-known singing competition, American Idol, which is a huge testament to her level of talent. Julianne Tanella has also sung in theater and even sang the national anthem at NHL for many years.

She Wears Many Hats

Not only did Julianne Tanella earn a degree in biology before she officially started pursuing a solo music career, but she also learned how to produce over the years. Therefore, artists working with her get a scientist, singer, and producer all in one.

She has Music Out

One of the most important things to know about Julianne Tanella is that she has started releasing music! This is something she is very excited and proud about. Her song, Heartgo, is an excellent representation of her skills as an artist. This slow ballad delves into the complex nature of love and delivers a unique message about heartbreak. Moreover, one of her latest singles, Do u think we can talk?, has been out since April 2nd, and her newest single came out on April 23rd; it’s called Back From Aspen. Those interested in her music should try their favorite streaming services such as Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, and more.

She’s Just Getting Started

No matter what you’ve learned about Julianne Tanella, you should know that she’s just getting started. As an artist who has what it takes to be a great musical icon, the best of SNNYRAIN is yet to come. With a heavy presence on Tik Tok, she is poised to become the next big viral sensation.

About Julianne Tanella

As a biologist who has a passion for music, Julianne Tanella is an anomaly in her own right. Although music is her first love, she also hopes to move forward in a way that will change the world for the better. Those interested in interviews, collaborations, etc., should contact her directly to discuss their goals and ideas.