Her First Single “Heartgo” By Promising Singer-Songwriter Julianne Tanella Showcases Light in the Darkness

Julianne Tanella Showcases Light in the Darkness

Julianne Tanella is a talented young singer who has not only appeared on American Idol but has also performed the national anthem at many NHL games over the years. Her first single release is not just a milestone in her life but a beacon of light in dark times. This young songwriter recently discussed her new song and why she thinks this expression is crucial in Covid times.

How Julianne Tanella Highlights Survival in Dark Times

Like everyone suffering through the pandemic, Julianne Tanella has had struggles to feel normal and happy. Her college life has been interrupted and made challenging by the changes the pandemic has brought down on the world, and she has struggled to feel focused. However, Julianne Tanella fought through these complicated feelings and found the strength and energy to not only graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Biology but also produce her first single “Heartgo”.

This track, “Heartgo,” is the first step in what she says will be an incredible journey through her love of music. As a lifelong singer, Julianne Tanella has been involved in music in many ways throughout her life. For example, she has performed in many acapella groups and performed in vocal competitions, an act that Julianne Tanella compares to her love of sporting competitions and staying fit.

And over the years, she always wanted to record and produce music. Finally, it is now the time. Though her first song is a slow and emotionally challenging ballad, there is much hope in its arrangement and lyrical content. She spends much time working on these aspects of her music, as well as the melodies.

As she releases her first song, she finds many people taking interest in her work. Julianne Tanella believes that music helps connect people in a way that other art forms simply cannot. Euphoria and rawness are critical to her work, she says, driving her to produce music that is challenging and emotionally invested.  Tanella believes that this can help many people who are struggling to escape their minds and refocus their energy.

Julianne Tanella hopes that her success in finishing and releasing a song on Spotify and other channels (such as YouTube and Pandora) will inspire others to live purely, openly, and honestly. There are thousands of skilled singers and musicians out there, Tanella says, who can express themselves this way and cease the darkness surrounding these troubling times.

Kicking off her music career with incredible ease and dedication, Julianne Tanella has already completed three more of her creations and is excitedly preparing for another release date.