Julianne Tanella: On Cooking, The KETO Diet, Vitamins and Supplements

Julianne Tanella: On Cooking, The KETO Diet, Vitamins and Supplements

Julianne Tanella is well known in personal and professional circles for her service as a representative for REDCON1 and her academic accomplishments. But she is also quite an accomplished chef with a wealth of insights into nutrition, supplements, and the Keto diet. We sat down with Julianne Tanella to discuss some of these topics, and here’s what we learned.

 Julianne Tanella on the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet has made it possible for people to lose weight who never thought they could, Julianne Tanella explains. By eliminating, or sharply reducing, the influence of carbohydrates on the body- we can shift our metabolisms from burning sugar for fuel to burning ketones. According to Julianne Tanella, it is far less toxic to the system, and can make a person more energetic overall than sugars ever could, but only with strict adherence. Even short of strict adherence, she adds, we can reduce the risk of many diseases and drop stubborn pounds by spending some of our time in a state of ketosis.

 Julianne Tanella on Cooking for Careerists

Julianne Tanella comments on the difficulty of persons fully engaged in a career to take the time to cook for themselves- especially to do so in a way that is healthy. She explained that, while it can take some getting used to, a person can eliminate many unhealthful foods such as in the strictures of the Keto diet – and in so doing need to eat less. By eating clean, Julianne Tanella explains, we can spend less time cooking and eating- though it requires a period of acclimation.

 Of course, Julianne Tanella recognizes that business lunch meetings can make healthy eating habits difficult. But she points out that we can help to grow a more effective corporate culture by encouraging our partners to eat clean and make carbs the exception rather than the rule.

 Julianne Tanella on Vitamins & Supplements

For athletes and professionals alike, Julianne Tanella describes the importance of a vitamin regimen and supplementation to stay healthy, energetic, and clear-headed. Paris Hilton has been quoted as saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” According to Julianne Tanella, that’s an unhealthy attitude, but you could rightly say the same thing about eating healthy. The clarity of mind, strength, and energy that comes with carefully selecting vital, nutrient-dense foods, and supplements are far preferable to the passing gratification that comes with indulgent eating habits.

 Julianne Tanella is currently enhancing her professional skills in an academic setting, and she says her performance as a student has been sharply improved through clean eating, keto, and smart supplementation.