Julianne Tanella Continues to Serve Up Inspiration to a Public Who Needs It

Inspiration to a Public Who Needs It

Julianne Tanella has been recording music over the last few months as a promising young talent with a strong voice and a unique style. She mixes a handful of genres with hopeful and open lyrics that try to inspire listeners for the better. And her most recent single, “Horizon,” looks to help those who are continuing to struggle during these dark days of Covid-19.

The New Julianne Tanella Single

As a former student of FAU in their renowned Biology department, Julianne Tanella had a challenging last year, graduating in December of 2020, right in the midst of the worst pandemic in a generation. However, the struggles of those around her have inspired her to continue her music career after Julianne Tanella has progressed through acapella music and an appearance on American Idol.

And after Julianne Tanella released her first song, “Heartgo”, an optimistic and emotional ballad that captured many listeners’ attention, she was inspired to continue producing new music. Since her first single release, Julianne Tanella has created five new songs in a variety of different genres, including a little hip-hop, some R&B, a little jazz, and even some lo-fi elements.

Her latest single, “Horizon,” continues the musical journey Julianne Tanella started after graduation. “Horizon” was created alongside a collaborator named Rolland, a skilled musician who adds significantly to the song. It focuses on a similar combination of hip-hip and easy listening sounds, creating a sound that Julianne Tanella has expertly molded to meet her unique vocals.

The song’s thrust focuses on the concept of hope and pairs it to the imagery of the horizon. With a subtle build and a consistency of sound and melody, Julianne Tanella and her producer craft a shifting soundscape that is filled with yearning melodies and rich harmonies. By the end of the song, the listener is likely to feel like they have gone on a journey into a better place.

Out on Spotify and ITunes, “Horizon” continues to tap into the seemingly endless font of positivity at the core of Julianne Tanella. She seems intent on helping the world heal through this difficult time, using her music and her artistry as a way to reach people who need help. Though her music is reaching hundreds or even thousands of people and not millions (yet), these listeners are already reacting.

With many other songs on the proverbial horizon, Julianne Tanella looks to continue her promising musical career in style and grace. Her consistent youthful enthusiasm remains infectious on her best songs, and her ability to express hope even in the darkest moments of life will likely help inspire those struggling to feel a connection to a higher purpose. Her commitment to this goal is likely to serve her well in her music career even after the pandemic has been effectively handled.