Julianne Tanella Expands Her Music’s Reach to Inspire New Listeners

Julianne Tanella Expands Her Music's Reach to Inspire New Listeners

Julianne Tanella has already accomplished much for a person her age, getting a Bachelor’s Degree during Covid, competing on nationally televised competitions, and releasing her first acclaimed single. Now, Julianne Tanella is looking to expand her music’s reach even further to inspire her audience even more and spread her uniquely hopeful and enthusiastic message to an adoring group of fans.

The Changes in the Music of Julianne Tanella

Julianne Tanella has only begun releasing songs online for a short period, she has always found joy in creating music. Like most skilled singers and musicians, Julianne Tanella has been training for many years, including instrument practice, acapella meetings with many groups, and even a strong showing on a season of “American Idol” that gave her heart for her future success.

Although Julianne Tanella did not get far on that show, she has continually nursed a love of music. As she studied for her biology degree, she continually sang, listened to music, exercised, and waited for the day when her music was needed. In 2020, with her graduation during the worst pandemic in generations, Julianne Tanella found the strength to release her first single, “Heartgo” to an eager public.

This early single showed Julianne Tanella pursuing a hopeful message that focused on a strong ballad structure with modern production elements. The track fits comfortably alongside other modern pop songs, though it possesses a surprisingly mature outlook that moved it beyond the sometimes trite approach common to just about any era of pop lyric writing.

After releasing this song and experiencing some strong success with a broad range of listeners, Julianne Tanella has expanded her wings a little more as a writer. Over the last several months, she has created five other songs that she is ready to share with what is rapidly becoming a very eager public. And her new music shows a talent that will not be confined to a single genre for very long.

For instance, many of her new songs have hip-hop rhythm elements that give them a little more heft and sonic density compared to her lighter songs. However, Julianne Tanella prefers the more luxurious harmonies and melodies of modern jazz, integrating more advanced chord progressions and melody progressions than many of her peers who also use hip-hop styles. These changes put Julianne Tanella in a unique spot, as she can contrast these elements easily and produce a unique sound.

Interestingly, many of her songs take on an easy listening sound more akin to that of older musicians. By skillfully integrating these more subtle elements into her music, Julianne Tanella produces sounds that both young and old listeners alike can enjoy. That kind of stylistic diversity may serve her well if she hopes to expand beyond her currently small (but growing) fan base, sharing her message of hope and happiness.