Julianne Tanella Released Smmrrain feat. Jager Henry on May 21st

Julianne Tanella

June 24, 2021

Julianne Tanella Released Smmrrain feat. Jager Henry on May 21st

Julianne Tanella released her latest song Smmrrain feat. Jager Henry on May 21, 2021. This song is part of a series planned for release every four weeks, as she continues to develop her talent and fanbase. Smmrrain was produced in a studio with an experienced musical team and underscores Julianne’s musical passion.

The official music video for this song is available on YouTube. It shows the lyrics as well as ocean vistas and summer living. Fans of chill music and other similar genres will enjoy this piece along with the other content she’s already published. She continues to develop her musical style and is beginning to touch audiences in her home state of Florida and beyond.

Often Julianne Tanella is recognized by her nickname SNNYRAIN. The meaning of the name is similar to that of a sun shower. The rain falls while the sun is still shining, and the sun’s angle keeps the sunlight from clouds and obstruction. To this end, she states “My goal in this life is to be a light, unobstructed by any darkness.”. This guiding principle has greatly influenced her musical content and the format of her music videos. This is evident with the song Smmrrain.

Julianne Tanella notes, “I have finally found the right people, the right sound, the right energy to finally share my music.”. She is working with a producer to create music in Lo-fi, hip-hop, R&B, smooth jazz and easy listening categories. This musical versatility showcases her talent and her appeal to different audiences across cultural and geographical boundaries.

Since a young age, Julianne Tanella has written songs that have stayed in scrapbooks and book bags until now. She is bringing her lyrics to life with music, hard work and the right creative team. Studio sessions have led to singles in multiple music genres, and she continues to write new songs. One such piece was created fluidly in 15 minutes on the way to her first recording session.

Julianne Tanella is a Florida native and began singing in cappella groups and competing in vocal competitions. She’s dedicated her life to making music and spreading joyful energy to all. In addition to her musical talents, Julianne enjoys scuba diving, the beach and going to the gym. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2020, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.