The artist known as Snnyrain releases a new single as Julianne

New Release from Julianne Tanella “Island in the Sun” Cover

The artist, formerly known as Snnyrain, recently released her new single, Island in the Sun. This is the artist’s first release under the name Julianne.

Julianne Tanella, the emerging artist from Delray Beach, Florida, has retired her former stage name. Formally known as Snnyrain, she plans to release music and perform under the name “Julianne”. The change reflects Julianne’s desire to show her authentic self and artistry to the world. The 24-year-old Florida Atlantic University graduate began performing as a child and recently started composing, recording, producing, and releasing her own music. Island in the Sun, her latest release, is available on several platforms, including Spotify, AppleMusic, Pandora, and YouTube.

Julianne describes her path to becoming a musician

Julianne Tanella was first introduced to the joy of music as a child. She began singing while growing up in Tampa, Florida, which led to performances at professional sporting events — including several National Hockey League games — and participation in vocal competitions. While always believing in her music, she nevertheless spent four years earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and is currently working towards becoming a licensed nurse practitioner. When she’s not studying, working out or scuba diving, Julianne Tanella heads to the studio to work on her art. She brings the same dedication to excellence to her music as she does to her professional pursuits and hopes to create art that unifies and brings joy to listeners.

Julianne discusses the motivations for her recent name change

Julianne Tanella decided to change her name after coming to the conclusion that she no longer identified with the name Snnyrain — a nickname she received years ago that refers to those hopeful moments when sunlight shines through the rain. After writing several songs under the name Snnyrain, Julianne decided that being true to herself and her music required a change. Pride in the woman she’s become gave Julianne the confidence to open her authentic self to the world. “I am so proud of the woman I am, there’s no reason I ever want to be called anything other than the woman I am,” she says.

Bringing joy and love to the world through the connecting power of music

While Julianne’s name has changed, the purpose behind her music has not. According to Julianne Tanella, her goal is to “spread the light and connect our souls with omnipotent unity” through her music. She strives to bring people together through the musicality of her lyrics and the soaring joy of her melodies. Heartgo, a ballad featuring soaring melodies and ethereal vocals, soars with love and heartbreak. Julianne wrote this gorgeous expression of pain and raw authenticity in 15 minutes and recorded it in just three sessions. Her single, Do U Think We Can Talk, was released earlier this year.